Digital Marketing during Lockdown!

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In recent times, the field of digital marketing has been growing steadily as a new way of promoting businesses. The number of people using the internet in India increased by 47 million between 2020 and 2021, which explains the rise in this sector. Nowadays, more people have easy access to the internet and smart devices, unlike before. 

At the start of 2020, the whole world was dealing with a pandemic. People had to stay inside, and this pause affected businesses globally. However, this situation led to more people in India using the internet. With increased internet use, people spent more time on screens, which opened up new opportunities for marketing to reach them digitally.

This change made many businesses that used to rely on traditional marketing consider going digital.

Digital marketing is a convenient way of directly reaching the target audience, unlike traditional methods. This type of marketing benefits both consumers and businesses equally.

With more people spending time online, there’s a larger audience, and it delivers results at a lower cost.

In the midst of the pandemic, India, as a developing nation, saw the beginning of a promising era in digital marketing for businesses. It gave existing businesses a fresh start and helped them grow.
Today, digital marketing involves more than just having a website, and even small startups are embracing it as their marketing strategy.

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